Mikołaj Buchwald

Deprecation warning: This web page is out of date. My current web page is located at: mikolajbuchwald.com.

ICA with Python

(winter semester 2019/20)  

Independent Component Analysis with Python for Cognitive Science students.

Theoretical background

Two articles introducing mathematical concept behind ICA:

  1. Independent Component Analysis - ICA - In Python
  2. Separating mixed signals with Independent Component Analysis

We will focus on the second article. There is an accompanying IPython Notebook for it on GitHub here.

You can download the entire repository with:

 git clone https://github.com/akcarsten/Independent_Component_Analysis

Removing artifacts from EEG signal

Now we will analyze artifact detection and correction in EEG data with Python-MNE. An example for that is available in Documentation here and as IPython Notebook here.

Visualizing components of fMRI data

fMRI data ICA with nilearn as presented here. Download Jupyter Notebook under this link.